January 2013 ~ New release


Co-prod with Mortis Humanae. Epic, brutal, warlike french Black Metal. 9 tracks for 52 min.

March 2012 ~ New release


Furious Black Metal, sylvan and martial. Reminding the old Gorgoroth and the finnish scene while remaining within a french epic spirit. 10 tracks for 51 min.

January 2012 ~ New release, update and other news

"La Maisniee du Maufe - A Tribute to the Dark Ages"

Co-production with Till You Fukkin Bleed and De Profundis, the alliance of four french Black / Death bands around medieval themes. Seven exclusives tracks for 31 minutes

Discount : Pack Nydvind / Bornholm 2 CD's + 7" EP : 23 euros

We will be at, 28/1/2012 Black Pandémie gig
TRUPPENSTURM (War black/death, Germany) + AMYSTERY (BM, Germany) + SCHRAT (BM, Germany) + GRONDE (BM/thrash, France/Switzerland)
Dock 412 / 77 rue des Pionniers / 57535 Marange-Silvange / FRANCE

L'antre des damnés - Chapitre 15 (fanzine written in french) With, among other, DRAUGEN interview + review of their album and of the NYDVIND / BORNHOLM vinyl split. And also : Darkspace, Besatt, Malcuidant, Pagan Hellfire, Malmort, Skuggeheim, Aldaaron, Epheles, Irrlycht, Drowning The Light, Cult Of Erinyes, Evohé...

Last items added :

Himinbjorg "Where Ravens Fly" CD
Lugubrum "De Totem" CD
Nokturne / Noctifer Split CD
Urgrund "Disciples of Supremacy" CD
Blodfest "Lejres Fald" CD
Bloodthorn "Genocide" CD
Bethlehem "Dictius Te Necare" CD
Caïnan Dawn "Nibiru" Digipak CD
Syklisk Nedgang "Purification Through The Fall" MCD
NKVD "Vlast" Digipak CD
Kawir "Ophiolatriea" Digipak CD
Kawir "To Uranus" CD
Orthanc "L'Amorce du Déclin" Digipak CD
Osirion / The Black Death Split 7"
The Arrival of Satan "Darkness Dealer" Tape
Ysengrin "Alchimete" Tape
Helfahrt "Drifa" CD
Helfahrt "Wiedergang" CD
Gwydion "Horn Triskelion" CD
Wulfgar "Midgarian Metal" CD
Obscurity "Tenkterra" Digipak CD
Menhir "Hildebrandslied" + "Barditus" Double CD
Christicide 12"
Astrofaes "Heritage" 12"
Sombre Chemin "Hétérodoxie : Opus III (Involution)" 12"
Sombre Chemin "Notre Héritage Ancestral" 12"
Afflictis Lentae "Saint Office" 12"
Animus Herilis "Salvatio Regni" 7"

5 December 2011 ~ Mailorder update & New distribution partner

Find our releases on Taranis Distribution

Last items added :
Christicide 12"
Astrofaes "Heritage" 12"
Sombre Chemin "Hétérodoxie : Opus III (Involution)" 12"
Sombre Chemin "Notre Héritage Ancestral" 12"
Afflictis Lentae "Saint Office" 12"
Animus Herilis "Salvatio Regni" 7"
Craft "Terror Propaganda" CD
Styggelse "Heir Today God Tomorrow" CD
The Ugly "Slaves to the Decay" Digipak CD
Vemoth "The Upcoming End" Digipak CD
Gravdal "Torturmantra" Digipak CD
Wrath "Viking" CD
Thundra "Ignored by Fear" CD
Andras "Warlord" CD
Nomans Land "Farnord" CD
Thrudvangar "Durch Blut und Eis" CD
Bifröst "Heidenmetal" CD
Finsterforst "...Zum Tode Hin" CD
Finsterforst "Urwerk" Digipak 2 CDs
Myrkgrav / Voluspaa Split 7"
Cirith Gorgor / Mor Dagor Split 7"
Decayed "Hell-Witch" 7"
Necromessiah / Dewarsteiner Split 7"
Hatred "Wind of Annihilation" 7"
Excruciate 666 "Warblood" 7"
Heretic / Capitis Damnare Split 7"
Keeper ov Seal Tape
Harvist "Wolfskin Clad" CD
Holocaustum "Crawling Through the Flames of Damnation" CD
Spiritual Decay "Closer to the Grave" CD
Daedalion "Grande Dame Misere" CD
Piarevaracien "If No Sun" Digipak CD
Misanthropic Art "Antihumanity" CD
Silva Nigra "Epocha" CD
Untergang "Of Pure Blood and Evil Pride" CD
Grim Destroyer "Might and Majesty" Tape

9 November 2011 ~ Mailorder update

Check the complete list on the shop

Aryos "Prophétie Acide" 7"
Hellbutcher "Ritual Desecration" K7
Nocturned "Caçador do Inferno" K7
Devastator "Nocturnal Slut" CD
Devastator "The Summoning" CD
Black Torment "Bloody Signs of Devastation" CD
Paganfire "Tasteless Revenge" CD
Zarach Baal Tharagh "Black Sheep Forever" CDR
Suicidal Winds "Discography 98-07" K7
Aboriorth "The Mystical and Tortuous Way..." 7"
Terdor "No Peace for our Time!" 7"
Dawn ov Hate "Death D'hivern" MCD
Gronde CD
Gorgon / Ordo Templi Aeternae Lucis Split CD
Aryos / Regnant and Thrall Split MCD
Supplicium "Magna Atra Missa" TAPE
Supplicium "Atrae Poenae" TAPE
Körgull the Exterminator "War of the Voivodes" TAPE
Kommandant "Stormlegion" TAPE
Echafaud "Ballades de pendus" CDR
Ordo Blasphemus "Chaotic Loom" CDR
Cathedrale de Glace "Insuffler le froid" TAPE
Hasserben / Searing Skull Split CD

22 August 2011 ~ Big update

A lot of new items have been added these past months, complete list is too big to display here, you can check it on the shop

With, among others :

Besatt "In Nomine Satanas" CD
Kroda, Temnozor cassettes
Beastcraft "Dawn of the Serpent" CD
Khors "Return to Abandoned" Digi CD
Silva Nigra "The New Age for the New God" 12"
Annthennath "States of Liberating Departure" CD
Moonreich "Loi Martiale" CD
Azaghal "Teraphim" and "Omega" CDs
Sargeist "Disciple of the Heinous Path" CD
Sargeist / Horned Almighty Split CD
Merrimack, Temple of Baal, Orthanc, Armaggedon, Omission, Horde of Hel...

June 2011 ~ New Special distro & Mailorder update

Epic, raw, melodic, varied Black Metal - 7 tracks for 42 min

Last items added :

Catuvolcus "Terres de Sang" CD
Catuvolcus "Vae Victis" CD
Drowning the Light "The Fading Rays of the Sun" 10"
Snötarar "Through Time...Behind Light" 12"
Monarque "Fier Hérétique" 12"
Angst Skvadron "Sweet Poison" 12"
Pagan Hellfire "Solidarity" 12"
Spite Extreme Wing "Vltra" 2x12"
Pestroyer "Inquisiteurs des Temps Modernes" MCD
Angmar "Zurück in die Unterwelt" CD
Quintessence "Le Fléau de ton Existence" CD
Quintessence "Le Bourreau de Tiffauges" CD
Message from the Other Side Compil Vol I CD
Frost "Purifier par le Feu" Tape
Ad Hominem "Climax of Hatred" CD
Nocturnal Depression "The Cult of Negation" Digipak
Azaghal "Codex Antitheus" CD
Wyrd "Kammen" CD
Reverence "Chamber of Divine Elaboration" Digipak
Tymbos "...for the Wars to come" Tape
Excruciate 666 / Dawn of Crucifixion 7"
Sombre Chemin / Eole Noir 10" Gatefold
Aasgard "Raven's Hymns Foreshadows the End" CD
Azagatel "XV Years of Pagan Chants" CD
Frostmoon Eclipse "A Ticket to Nowhere" 7"
Prayer of the Dying / Thy Legion Split 7"
Necroholocaust / Obeisance Split 7"
Unholy Crucifix "The Rite of Satan" 7"
Sigillum Diabolicum "Chroniques de l'Infamie" CD
Nargothrond "Doctrine of Lies" CD
Gzekhratüs "Nox Occulta" 7"
Szron "Zeal" 12"
Kveste "War Against Humanity" CDR
Moredhel "Satanik Endsieg" CD
Drakhian "High Zephyr Point" CD
National Napalm Syndicate "Devolution of Species" CD
Dream of Illusion "Decadence" CD
Icethrone "Beggar's Song" CD
Hindvir "Roth Cingetos Taxonaria" CD

1 mai 2011 ~ New releases & special distro

Epic Black Metal, hear the wrath & wisdom, then prepare for the feast of fire! - 2 tracks for 11 min

Atmospheric and melodic, but also fast and powerful Black Metal - 8 tracks for 50 min

Special distro WYRMS "AASHANSTYS" CD
Brutal, epic, melodic Black Metal - 10 tracks for 74 min

1 febuary 2011 ~ New Special distro & Mailorder update

Technical, brutal, powerful Death Metal - 11 tracks for 46 min

Last items added :

- Mors Aeterna "Behind the Majestic Mirror of Death" CD
- Mors Aeterna "Sanctification" Digi CD
- Kozeljnik "Deeper the Fall" CD
- Nemesis Irae "Blasphemy - Desecration - Satanic Supremacy..." CD
- Myrkvid "Satanic Inquisition" CD
- Lapis Niger "Fuckin'god Cult" CD
- Noktiis Eterna "Les Larmes du Tyran" CD
- Zöldïer Noïz "Straight Down to Hell" CDR
- Panzerflower "Little Bitch" CDR
- Solgrav / F Split CD
- Effect Murder / Bloodpaint Split CD
- FOE "Madness" CD
- Funeral Whore "Dead Upon the Cross" K7
- Karbonized Traitor "Hell Fire Sex" K7
- Winterwolf "Cycle of the Werewolf" K7
- Torturerama "Left as Remains" CD
- Manic Depression "Planned Spiritual Decay" CD
- Andralls CD
- Crucifix "Threnody of the Crucifix" CD
- Arntor "Dans la Nuit et le Froid" K7
- Fuck Off And Die "The Pulse of (self)Destruction" K7
- Imposer "Divine Intolerance" K7
- Stormrider "Lucifer Rising" CD
- Into Dagorlad "Apostasie" CD
- Excruciate 666 / Sovereign Split K7
- Decayed "In Lustful Mayhem" K7
- Hyadningar "Imminent Useless Soul" CD
- Hyadningar "The Weak Creation" CD
- Guerra Total "Nuklear Zombie Division" CD
- Unburial "Bellum Internecinum" Digi CD
- Hypokras / By The Sword Split 12"
- By The Sword "Hellmetal Style" 10"
- Cryptic "Infinite Torment" CD
- Odar "Zavjet Dalekom Snu" CD
- Azaghal "Luciferin Valo" CD
- Drowning the Light "An Alignment of Dead Stars" CD
- Nahar "La Fascination du Pire" CD
- Graveland "Necromanteion" CD
- Graveland "In the Glare of Burning Churches" CD
- Graveland "The Celtic Winter" CD
- Graveland "Immortal Pride" CD
- Sanheim "Bringer of Death" CD
- Nalvage "Worship Dehumanization" CD
- Dunkelheit "Frozen in Eternity" CD
- Gonfanon "Call to Arms" CD
- Hate Forest "Dead but Dreaming" K7
- Caruos "Brista" K7
- Grimness "Trust in Decay" CD
- Spite Extreme Wing "Kosmokrator (Magnificat II)" CD
- Sacradis "Damnatio Memoriae" CD
- TS Darkenhöld
- Nocturnal Vomit "Divine Profanation" CD
- Vinterriket "Nachtschwarze Momente" CD
- Graveyard "One with the Dead" CD
- Beastcraft "Baptised in Blood and Goatsemen" CD
- Decayed "Chaos Underground" CD

3 december 2010 ~ New Special distro & Mailorder update

French Melodic Black Metal - 4 tracks for 30 min

Last items added :

- Edain "Through Thought and Time" CD
- KRV "Ograma" CD
- Infest "Onward to Destroy" CD
- Evohé "Tellus Mater" CD
- Ondskapt "Draco Sit Mihi Dux" CD
- Horned Almighty "Contaminating the Divine" CD
- Monarque / Neige & Noirceur Split CD
- Bloody Lair "Total Mayhem" CD
- Metal Message Compilation V Pagan CD
- Sühnopfer "Nos Sombres Chapelles" CD
- Khors "The Flame of Eternity's Decline / Cold" DCD
- Dimentianon "Collapse the Void" CD
- Feu Grégeois "Mortis Regnum" CD
- Ignominious Torments 3 Zine
- Dead Fucking Church M'AAAGH 9 Zine
- Black Altar "Death Fanaticism" K7
- Aske "Saatan Legio / Goatfuck" CD
- Gromm "Sacrilegium" CD
- Lucifugum "Xa Heresy" CD
- Armagedda "I Am" Digi CD
- Myrkr "Black Illumination" CD
- Ruins "Cauldron" Digi CD
- Necromessiah "Antiklerical Terroristik Death Squad" Digi CD
- Mourning Forest "De la Vermine" CD
- Malmort "MCDXXXI - MCDXL" CD
- Svartkraft "IV - Ruin" Digi CD
- Bane "Chaos, Darkness & Emptiness" CD
- The Stone "Neke Rane Krvare Vecno" CD
- Porfyria "Enjoy the Pain" CD
- Nokturnal Mortum "Nechrist" CD
- Apolion "Death Grows into Sperm" CD
- Deep Vein / Hypokras Split CD
- Diamatregon "The Satanic Devotion" CD
- Gramary "Suffocation" CD
- Obtest "Gyvybès Medis" Digi CD
- Dissimulation "Prakeikimas" CD
- Dissimulation "Miglose" K7
- Grim Sköll "The Eleven Rivers of Hverlmir" CD
- Ereshkigal "When The Demons Spit Fire" CD
- Forest of Doom "Ancient Woods of Darkness" CD
- Frozen Shadows "Dans les Bras des Immortels" CD
- Balrog "Bestial Satanic Terror" Digi CD
- Natron "Livid Corruption" Digi CD
- Orakle "Tourments & Perdition" CD
- Nox "Thul Okgha" K7

5 november 2010 ~ New Release & Mailorder update

French Epic Medieval Black Metal - 10 tracks for 40 min

Last items added :

- Ars Moriendi "L'oppression du Rien" CD
- Battalion "Welcome to the Warzone" CD
- Lugburz "Triumph of Antichrist" CD
- Blodfest "I Kong Skjolds Navn" CD
- Pagan Forest "Pure Harmony of the Night" CD
- Wounds / Pyöveli "Storming Thrash Vengeance" Split CD
- Daemonlord / Satanizer "9 Bullets in the face of Christ" Split CD
- Vermis Mysteriis "The Flame of Hate" CD
- Imprudence "Epora nianavitsi" CD
- Kamaedzitca "Dzetsi liesa" CD
- Aria "Chimera" CD
- Pagan Reign "Ydeli Biloy Veri" CD
- Valfeanor Patch
- Naastrand Girlie
- Underground Investigation 69 zine
- Fir Bolg "Paganism" CD
- Nydvind "Sworn to the Elders" CD
- Bran Barr "Sidh"
- Cruel Force "The Rise of Satanic Might" 12"

8 october 2010 ~ Mailorder update

Last items added :

- Résistance "Bang your Fucking Skull" CD
- Hürlement "De Sang et d'Acier" CD
- Turdus Merula "Herbarium" CD
- Bornholm "March for Glory and Revenge" Digi CD
- Nydvind "Eternal Winter Domain" Digi CD
- Slavland "Lechita" Tape
- L'antre des Damnés 12 fanzine
- Prostitute Disfigurement "Descendants of Depravity" Tape
- Ordo Blasphemus "Live Desenzano" Tape
- Occult Crypt "Exterminate" Tape
- Excidium Tape
- Deadly Carnage "Decadenza" Tape
- Morholt / Ogmios Split "Outre-Monde" CDR
- Cristalys "Quintescence Celtique" CD
- Untergang "Kult of the Black Order" Tape
- Corpus Christii "Rising" Tape
- May Result "Blasphemy" Tape
- Moloch "Ein Düsterer Winter Kommt" Tape
- Blessmon "Under the Storm of Hate" Digi CD
- Black Jade "Helvetica Diabolica" CD
- Carcharoth "Desolated Battlefields" CD
- Ahnenstahl "Zwischen Tod und Leben" CD
- Les Chants de Nihil "La Liberté Guidant le Fer" CD
- Ases "Of Moonlords and Sunwheelwarriors" CD
- Cursed Nihil CD
- Real Life Evil Dream 12 2009 Fanzine
- Naastrand TS XL

26 august 2010 ~ New special distribution & Mailorder update

PHYSIOLOGY OF DARKNESS "LUNAR TRINITY" CD available ! Dark and Melancholic Black / Ambient

Listen on Physiology of Darkness's website

Last items added :

- HSN "The Eye" CD
- Nokturnal Mortum "Goat Horns" CD and "The Voice of Steel" CD back in stock, "Lunar Poetry" Digi A5 CD, "The Voice of Steel" TS XL, "Live in Katowice" DVD
- Cristalys "Suréminence" CD
- Folkearth "Fatherland" CD
- Infestus "Chroniken des Ablebens" CD
- Crucifier "Cursed Cross" CD
- VI "De Praestigiis Daemonum" Digi CD
- Folkvang / Pagan Hellfire "Firmament Eclipse" Tape

AP01 Vergos dî Noctis "Au Coeur des Eléments" Tape is sold out!

19 july 2010 ~ New Webshop online now! & mailorder update

You can check the new shop here

Last items added :

- Decayed "Shadow-Land" CD
- Kaiserreich "KRRH" Tape
- Mock CD
- Armagedda "Only True Believers", "Ond Spiritism" and "The Final War Approaching" CDs
- Possessed "Agony in Paradise" CD
- Ars Manifestia "The Red Behind" CD
- Valland Digi CD
- Northern Frost "Ewige Kälte" CD
- Frozen Darkness "Diatribes Infernales", "Suprématie Sataniste" CDs
- Pestiferum "Solstice d'Hiver" CD
- Nord "Nord", " Sombre Jour / Les Saisons Froides" Tapes
- Greifenstein "Ostarrichi Black Metal" Tape
- Triskèle "Triade Nordique" Tape
- Grazed "Dragonsneeze" CD

Download .PDF catalog

22 june 2010 ~ Mailorder update.

Last items added :

- BORGIA "Et Ibi Fundo" Tape
- Svarthal "Silouhettes" Tape
- Hromovlad "Ohna Hlad, Vody Chlad" Tape
- Xerion "Palida Morte, Negra Sombra" Tape
- Florestas Negras "Necro Paganismo Austral" Tape
- Urt "Saatanhark I – Püha soda" CD
- Draugurinn "Daudada" CD

23 may 2010 ~ Mailorder update.

Some of the last items added :

- Blodsrit "Helveteshymner" CD
- Dead Christ Cult "Your Absurd Life" CD
- The True Endless "Suicide Journey" CD
- Vigrid "Throne of Forest" CD
- Excruciate 666 "Riding Fires of Hate" CD
- Omission "Angelfuck" Tape
- Osirion / Vorkuta Split Tape
- Sa Meute "50 contre 1" Tape pro
- Monarque "Blasphèmes et Cultes Morbides" Tape
- Afflictis Lentae "No Escape from the Jaws of Hell" Tape
See the complete list of items

May 2010 ~ New release out now!

ARGANORK "DUSIOS" - French Occult Black Metal - 9 tracks for 40 min
300 copies pro-cover with stickers on both side.

We will be at the following gigs :

- 7 / 5 : Quo Vadis + Facing Death at Golbey (88), l'Artiste

- 14 / 5 : Black Druids Festival at Marange Silvange (57), Dock Club 412
Belenos + Bran Barr + Nydvind + Sear Bliss + Valhôll

April 2010 ~ Mailorder update.

Last items added :

- Silent Leges Inter Arma "Synästhesie" Digi CD
- Arvet "Ihmiskärsimys" CD
- Ars Diavoli "Pro Nihilo Esse" CD
- Horna "Ääniä Yössä" CD
- Krohm "The Haunting Presence" CD
- A Hungarian Tribute to Bathory Digi CD
- Ankrismah "Dive in the Abyss" CD
- Carnyx "Leaving Reason" CD
- Funeraille "Dis Pater" CD
- Enoid "Ataraxiis" CD

22 March 2010 ~ Mailorder update.

FACING DEATH "IN ARTICULO MORTIS" CD available ! 11 titles of furious Brutal Death ! Trades are welcome !!

Listen on Facing Death's website

14 March 2010 ~ Mailorder update.

CALCIFERUM "DIRGE OF GJALLARHORN" CD available ! Old school and brutal Death/Black ! 8 tracks for 32 min. Trades are welcome !!

Listen on Calciferum's website

Last items added :

- A Hungarian Tribute to Burzum CD
- Ensamhet "Les Siècles se sont écoulés" CD
- Decayed "A Tribute to the Ancients" Tape
- Frost "La Grande Bataille de Notre Temps" Tape
- Telümehtår "Blåck" Tape
- Octobre "Québec Hooligan" Tape
- Compilation Maltkross 2 Tape
- Nokturnal Mortum "The Voice of Steel" CD, "Weltanschauung" CD
"To the Gates of Blasphemous Fire" CD, "Goat Horns" CD

March 2010 ~ Mailorder update.

Last items added :

- Daemonheim "Hexentanz" CD
- Daemonlord / Lux Ferre / Malleus / Mortinatum "Acerbus Mortis" CD
- Nightside "The End of Christianity" CD
- Valfeanor "Noreia" CD
- Valhôll "A la Mémoire de nos Ancêtres" CD
- Malcuidant "L'Hymne de la Ghilde" Tape
- Rex Satanachia "First Legion of Hell" CD
- Creation of Destruction Tape
- Byfrost "Byfrost Metal" Digipack CD
- Karpathia "Urheimat - Volanie Havranov" CD
- Kommandant "Stormlegion" CD
- Legion "Conqueror" CD
- Loudrage "Rage Unleashed" CDR
- Mandatory "...Where They Bleed" CD
- Mythology "Tepes" CDR
- Soulless "Summoning Heresy" CDR
- Teutoburg Forest "Cult of the Individual" CDR
- Wolfsblut "Seelenqual - Legion Wolfsblut" CD
- Naastrand "Chants d'Europe" CD
- Chadenn "Aux Portes de la Mort" CD
- Himinbjorg "Chants d'Hier, Chants de Guerre, Chants de la Terre" CD
- Brutal Rebirth "Hate Over All" CD
- Grimlair "Locked up and Forgotten" CD
- Infest "Feel the Rage"
- Sombre Présage "Necrodrone" Tape

Febuary 2010 ~ Mailorder update.

Last items added :

- Kult "Winds of War" CD
- Graveland "Drunemeton" (Demo '92) CD
- Urt "Ex Mortius..." CDR
- Aorlhac CD
- Fhoi Myore CDR
- Feu Grégeois tape
- Funeral Fog "Channeling Ancient Shadows" CD
- "Involtation" and "Sectane Satani" of Lucifugum
- Varhhorn "Labyrinths of Darkness" CD
- Baal Zebuth "Unholy Baal Zebuth" CD
- Life Illusion "Into the Darkness of my Soul" CD
- FAMAS "Est Imperare Orbi Universo" CDR
- Ases "The Dark Anthems" CD

January 2010 ~ Mailorder update.

Releases from Nekrogoat Heresy Productions (Portugal), Akne Productions and Salute Records (Sweden).

December 2009 ~ Mailorder update.

Releases from Infernal Kommando Records, Hexenreich records (Estonia), Maltkross Productions, Heaume Productions (Feu Grégeois), Akne Productions (Slovakia), tapes of Excidium, Exekrator, CDs of Amok, Darken, Eksesif, Sthygma, Visceral Dissection and Darkenhöld / Fhoi Myore.

Novembre 2009 ~ Mailorder update.

Split CD NAASTRAND / DARKENHÖLD available ! "Wrath of the Serpent" / "of Citadels..." 8 tracks for 45 min. Trades are welcome !!

You can listen to some tracks of this split on Naastrand's website and on Darkenhöld's website

A tape from Ogmios Underground have been added too, Armed Death "Resurrection of the past".

September 2009 ~ Mailorder update.

Tapes from Sabbath's Fire Records and Infernal Kommando Records.

August 2009 ~ Mailorder update.

First compilation of the association PostChrist , tapes of Aldaaron, Animus Herilis and Sagn, vinyls of Black Funeral and Sombre Présage.

July 2009 ~ Mailorder update.

Releases from Infernal Kommando Records and Sa Meute.

June 2009 ~ Mailorder update

Releases from Endless Sound Records and Frozen Wing Records.

April 2009 ~ The two first releases are out.

Vergos di Noctis first album : "Au Coeur des Eléments". On Tape for 3 euros and on CDR for 5 euros. Trades are welcome !