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AP03 Arganork "Dusios" Tape
by Administrateur Boutique Date Added: Monday 22 November, 2010
On :
Forbidden Secrets
Satanic Incantations
Luciferic Hymns . . .
The Music and Magick ov Arganork is inspired by Paganism, Mythology, Satanism and Occult Black Metal. They are also influenced by fantasy literature and historical French witchcraft. It has been said that their songs are poems to Lucifer, and Hymns to the glories ov their ancestors, the Earth and the divine character ov nature and man. They are adamantly opposed to the Abrahamic Religions ov Islam, Judaism and Christianity, and this is evident by way ov their symbolism, lyrical content and subject matter. Arganorkwas summoned and raised in 2009 by Demonius Nettesheim and he’s just recently released their limited edition 300 cassette assault from their dark arsenal ov Black Arts entitled, Dusios.
This album speaks to us on many levels. Reeking with the smell ov blackness, it immediately draws us into the Realm ov the Demonic and brings us visions ov dark, rainy nights, with thunderbolts and lightning portraying the ruthless, raw power ov Nature. The Intro is atmospheric, with a hint ov experimental dark ambient, which returns periodically throughout the album. Subtle like a serpent is it’s genesis; and then . . . striking! — breaking into a very full-sounding, multi-layered Black Metal brood. The title track, Dusios, kind ov reminds me ov Satyricon’s The Pentagram Burns, or something along those lines. The vocals begin with low growls and harrowing screams, the guitars, with their traditional fast picking, move into rhythmic drones, like Blackened Doom. The drums are very evident, yet subtle at times, with a nice low, muffled bass drum sound quality, which works well within the framework ov those particular arrangements. The journey continues and moves into a clean arpeggio guitar intro, which then rolls into a gallup, then to fast and blasphemous blast beats, but it still keeps you on a subtle and relatively mellow repetitive ride. A heavy hammering . . . then, returning to a smooth, repetitive rebound, like a jackhammer dueling with a violin, but it works!
There are keyboards and synthesized background effects throughout the album, but not overbearing by any means. The keyboards in this project are a welcomed addition in my opinion and add quite a nice touch to many ov the tracks. If you are violently opposed to keys in Metal, well this may not be for you; but again — they do not overpower the integrity ov the metallic composition. The outro ov ‘Side A’ leaves us with thunder, lightnings, and howling winds . . . a nice, quiet departure into the perilous, stormy night. But it returns heavy, fast and hard with the intro. on ‘Side B’ with strong vocals and a great sense ov timing and synchronicity. Throughout the course ov the album, they do a great job bringing each instrument to the forefront at various times. I especially like the way the drums are dealt with on this album, the variation in volume, the highs and lows, the constant changing ov tempo and time signatures really keeps things upbeat and interesting. The latter half ov the album seems as though they took all ov the previous ideas and wrapped them all into a final masterpiece. Nice work!
The insert features lyrics, which are entirely in French. The cover art features a twisted, horned, masked figure standing in the forest, holding an axe and shield. This brings us back to the title – Dusios – which is representative ov a divine being, usually associated with the god ov the forest, namely the god Pan. With a fighting, fertile spirit and weapons ov combat in hand, this is Arganork, and they’ve come for War! You’ve not heard the last ov this Black Metal Band! (–Will Lovelaw)

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]
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AP03 Arganork "Dusios" Tape
On forbidden-magaz- : Forbidden Secrets Satani-
c Inca ..

5 of 5 Stars!
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